Wapity like balenciaga in states?

  1. Have any of you New Yorkers seen the wapity like balenciaga case featured in Tanja's thread, I couldn't resist someone stop me please?
  2. Anyone?
  3. shoegal...I loved it too, so I emailed Bal-NY about it, but they haven't responded yet. When I get some info, I'll let you know!
  4. Is there a thread with pics of the case? I would love to see how it looks like
  5. Thanks Smallfry and Tanja!
  6. Does it have a wrist strap Tanja?
  7. Nope no wrist strap just tassles.
  8. i think its larger than a wapity isnt it? closer to the size of the makeup clutch from those photos.
  9. Yes it's a bit higher tha the wapity.
  10. Thanks Tanja!! That is so cute!! If I just didn't buy an LV cosmetic pouch I would be searching for one right now. I'm going to add it to my want list.
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