Wapity- im being obsessive... which color scheme do u like better?

  1. I love the wapity so much im debating if i need two in different color schemes... and if not.... im debating which color scheme is better... yes im seriously obsessed. So which color scheme does everyone like better... 1 oe 2 and why?
    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG](I borrowed LVcrazed picture, please let me know if you mind and I can take it down) :flowers:
  2. I like 2 better. It's got more pastels in it.
  3. ^ I second that!
  4. #2...it just looks more colorful to me.
  5. Number 2 from those pics
  6. Yup the second one looks the cutest IMHO:smile:
  7. 2nd one!
  8. 2nd one!
  9. Another vote for the 2nd one!
  10. Both of them are fine.
  11. I agree with Michelle. The first one just doesn't look right because of the light the picture was taken in. In person, it's much prettier.
  12. 2nd
  13. I'd go for the second one ... lots of yummy blue :heart:
  14. I like the 2nd one because I like the turquoise and lime green.
  15. Me also, I like the 2nd one, I don't like the two pinks next to each other.