Wapity for men??

  1. I was just at the Louis Vuitton site. Under mens small leather goods is a Wapity. Just wondering how a guy would use it? Im thinking a little too feminine for a guy? Perhaps im wrong? Any thoughts........
  2. I think if a guy is stylish enough to wear LV then he can definitely pull off a wapity. I would say the multicolore might be a bit feminine for most men but the monogram canvas is manlier!
  3. Someone (Karman, I think) has a picture of a man holding one in the Visual Aid thread. It looks very cool. I guess he could carry a camera or cell phone or chapstick or wallet or whatever in it. I think it is getting more common place to see a man carrying a "manbag" of some sort. I have also noticed, the past few years, a lot of men painting their toenails black. I guess the gender barrier is starting to give way a little bit and straight men are getting more comfortable with wearing what society used to present as a "girl's stuff". IMO....:yes:
  4. My first Lv was a wapity and my second was a speedy 35
    I love them I don´t think I look like a girl with them
    actually I think speedy in 35 and 40 are very male ;)
  5. I agree.:yes:
  6. I have a black MC one... holds my camera, I would never use it for anything else I think... ehhh maybe idk lol
  7. Great memory NVMyLV!
    Yes, there is pic of my guy friend and I at grad (prom) this June and he took his mono Wapity with him. He looked very stylish with it:


    He can fit his cell phone, camera, cards and cash in there. It's quite functional, and only certain guys can pull it off, but definitely, men can use Wapities too! :yes:
  8. Finally I know what a wapity is.

    BTW karman, your friend looked good with a wapity. And I agree not all men can wear a wapity - and I'm one of them.
  9. I think for a man....you basically have to be gay or an extreme 'metrosexual'.

    To those that may think they might be a MS - If you don't live in NYC or L.A. or Miami, then you don't count as a 'metrosexual'. LoL :lol:

    I have tons of gay guy friends so lots of luv to you * MUAAAAW * :kiss:
  10. My aunt's husband uses the monogram one as a camera case.
  11. I dont see why men cant use a mono wapity. LV is actually pretty unisex. My gf uses a mens wallet sometimes.
  12. is your gf a big lez? hahah


    im out and proud!
  13. Matt we should get bumper stickers that say "I can't even drive straight..." :lol:
  14. i think the mono wapity is pretty unisex. go for it!
  15. I think that a wapity can be carried by either sex.