Wapity...does yours have a date code?

  1. hey everyone.
    just recieved my wapity from eBay and she showed me the receipt and looks authentic. but....when i recieved it i checked if it had a date code and i cant find it.

    so for those of you who own a wapity...does yours have a datecode? or have i been conned!!!

  2. i have looked in the sunlight too and cant see it!! and i have looked at the datecode thread. i'm a bit worried now. i haven't left feed back yet?
  3. I hope you didn't get conned! That would suck majorly!
  4. Well I mean next time post date code questions in there.
    Anyway like I said, since the lining is alcantra, the date code will be stamped onto it, not on a vachetta tab like most bags. And if the Wapity was used frequently, the nap of the alcantra could have been pulled up so that the date code isn't very visible anymore. This happens a lot with the Cherry Blossom bags.
  5. I believe everthing LV has some sort of date code.
  6. I just looked for the date code in my wapities and found it in the inside flap stamped into the lining. Good luck finding it.
  7. thanks everyone. i have found it thanks to joann's desciption of where to find it. it was very tricky to see. thanks a million, now i can breath a sigh of relief.