Wapity Dilemma

  1. I'm having a dilemma over whether or not I should return my Wapity Case and get something else. I really like it and think it's cute, but I'm not sure how much function it would have for me. I already have the pochette accessories that I use as a small purse sometimes, and I am not a clutch kind of gal. As for using it as an accessory inside my purse... I really don't have anything I like to put in it. My cell phone stays in the outside or main compartments of my purses, and I already have a key cles to hold my money and the few cards I have. I tried putting my ipod in it, but it's a real pain to me because I already have a thin rubber ipod cover on it. So should I return it? If I should, what accessories would you recommend instead? I've been looking on Eluxury and I'm interested in the small ring agenda (both in monogram and the pink vernis) and the perfo bandeau. All suggestions welcome, including non-LV ones :flowers:

    edit: Also, I purchased my Wapity at the flagship store in Hong Kong. Does anybody know if I will have problems when I try to return stuff at my local store in Taiwan? TIA
  2. Hmm...I'm new to purseblog...but to respond, although I think the wapity is adorable, I prefer LV's small vernis agenda (in pink!!! lol) because it's much more useful (depending on your lifestyle). I'm a student, so agendas are a MUST!
  3. What were you thinking of using the wapity for when you first bought it? I usually carry pretty tiny purses so although the wapity is really cute, I can't really find any use for it. As for small accessories, may be getting the mini pochette accessories in monogram?
  4. Does the vernis scratch really easily? Do you buy LV refills for it, or another company's? I am also a student.. I still have 3+ years of school left (senior year of college, then 2 years of grad school, then who knows) so I think I could definitely use it instead of the cheapy paper ones I've used before

    edit: welcome to TPF!!
  5. It's probably going to sound terrible, but I didn't really think of its function when I bought it :blink: I just really loved it because it was small and cute.
  6. how about make-up purse? alot of people use it to put make-up in so its not floating round their bag. I would buy one and use it as that but i already have a huge Ralph Lauren one that gets too full :S i carry far too much make-up around on a day-to-day basis

  7. Don't be. :graucho: We've all done it before. That's why I asked. After buying a few "frivolous" small items (stuff that I really CAN live without), whenever I have an urge to buy them (because they are much less expensive), I put that money onto buying a new purse. :love:
  8. I have a really cute pink nylon one already, and I just bought it a few weeks ago. I think it will be jealous of my Wapity if I use it for that, and we can't have that now, can we? :amuse: Also I think I would cry if my makeup ever stained the beautiful red interior of the Wapity...
  9. Haha, true. But I think my bf is going to kill me if I come home with a new LV purse anytime within the next 6 months or so... so a new accessory would be much easier to conceal :P
  10. Well, I happen to adore my wapity and use it every day in my purse as a makeup case. Maybe my pics can help you decide:rolleyes: :heart:
    DSC03598.JPG DSC03600.JPG
  11. awww never mind. If you cant find a use for it i think your probably best taking it back. Maybe you could wait a while and save abit more and get some cute summer sandals (?) dont know how much they retail for but there is a post a few posts down??? (lol soz) and it has pics of new shoes on and the pink ones are TDF!
  12. I would hang on to it if I were you. There will come a day where you just need a little something to throw your keys and I.D. in and you will kick yourself for having returned it.
  13. Wow... everytime I see the white MC wapity, the more I want it :lol: Maybe I should just exchange my mono one for the white MC one... but that wouldn't solve the functionality problem... my makeup simply isn't good enough to be inside a Wapity case :shame:
  14. That's exactly what I use my pochette accessories for :smile: So that's why the Wapity doesn't have much function for me, since I already have the poch. acces.
  15. Acutally no, it doesn't scratch easily. I've had mine for about a yr and it still looks shiny and brand new. If you get some dirt on it, it's also really easy to wipe off. However, I take really good care of my LV's... My cousin has a vernis key keyholder, and after a yr, it was all battered up...:cry: So i guess it depends... I've been thinking, maybe you can also consider the monogram Mat, which originally doesn't have much shine to it...but iono, I don't own any LV Mat's...

    Also, I buy my own refills (I like Sanrio ones lol), because the LV store near my home doesn't have the dates on every page, which means that i need to write them down myself (a real pain...lol). Hmmm...congrats on yer 3 years of school left *Me=Jealous* lol i still have 9 years of Medical school!