Wapity Case

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  1. omg help i want the Wapity Case and i cant decide between the white multicolore canvas or the classic monogram canvas my speedy and papillio are monogram canvas ive always steered away from multicolore bc its so bold but something has always drawn me to it im going for a mature look im 22 and not sure help ladies !!:love:
  2. hmmm...mature look?...then go for the monogram canvas, it's more classic
  3. Mono is classic...
    MC is sooo beautiful..
    I am hoping LV will make damier wapity soon
  4. Sounds like you really like the multicolore wapity, but since you say you're going for a mature look, go with the sober mono canvas wapity.
  5. Go for the Mono if you want mature :smile: Like someone else said, it's more classic!
  6. I hope they make damier wapity soon too!
  7. hoho~, get the mc wapity, its more fun~~~
  8. i have both, and i get a lot of use out of them

    the Monogram one is more classic, and it goes with everything. the Multicolore one is absolutely adorable, and great for summer (although i know i'll be using it all year round!).

    here's how they look side by side

  9. definitly a damier wapity would be so mature and classic looking im definitly leaning toward the monogram discussing with hubby and he cant understand why i wouldnt want a big lv
  10. wow now that ive seen the pic im confused again lol the mc lookss soo cute but like u said the monogram goes with anything
  11. I suggest the MC as given its size, it will not stand out as much as the larger pieces and at the same time it looks modern...I think...:smile:
  12. I love my MC black wapity but if if you want a more mature look then I guess go for the mono.
  13. I'm stuck on this too! LOL! I love them both, and want one for a digi camera case and can't justify getting all 3, because I LOVE the MC black too :love: :love:
  14. I am almost 45:sick: so I am so over the mature thing-personally, I dont see why you cant mix the MC with the mono-I plan on getting the wapity in white MC and I currently am bidding on a black MC bergamot, which I will carry in my classic mono Speedy...I think it is perfectly fine to mix and match and the MC is just fun!
  15. I had the Wapity Case in mono (I returned it and bought a Small Monogram Agenda). It is quite mature looking, but still cute. Let us know what you end up with :biggrin: