Wapity Case

  1. I want to buy a Wapity case.
    what do you think ?
    MC black
    MC white.

    I'm a boy and I'm 13
  2. Oh yeah I want to buy it after my B-Day so I'm 14 than :p
  3. I say White MC
  4. I vote mono!:tup:
  5. Mono!
  6. Hmm.. for a 13 year old boy, I would get something that's low-key and doesn't stand out as much. [Since you're still in school and wouldn't want someone stealing that from you or making a rude comment about you carrying it?]

    How about the Damier Macau Clutch?
  7. I would get the mono wapity.
  8. Mono or Black MC.

    Hey...I just thought of this but...why isn't there a Damier Wapity... ??
  9. Either mono or MC black! :tup:
  10. mono
  11. mono or mc black!
  12. mono
  13. mono
  14. mono !
  15. black MC