wapity case with no tag. Is it right??

  1. I just received my MC wapity from eLuxury. It came with a MC care booklet, a tag says leather or something(I don't have it with me and I can't remember what exactly it says). I supposed there should be another tag with barcode and style number/description. Is it correct? At least from my past experiences I always get 2 tags for a LV item. I know it's stupid to ask them for a tag but as a collector I do keep all the tags...
  2. when i bought them from a store, i received all the tags...maybe you could call elux to ask?
  3. Yes, it should come with the model tag...
  4. I got two barcode tags with my wallet! I could give you one, but it wouldn't match, LOL
  5. There is another tag, sometimes for one reason or another it is missing/lost. Just like the care booklets, sometimes I get one, sometimes I don't.
  6. Yeah, My groom keychain came from the store and it doesn't have a groom book or any tags with it...I was kinda pissed but it sounded stupid...should I call and ask my sa?
  7. Yeah, it's supposed to come with the model/number tag, but I haven't always received it with my purchases. I guess sometimes they lose them or something.
  8. so I called the customer service yesterday and explained to them the missing tag. The girl I spoke to couldn't understand why I need a tag, and insist it's for warehouse use; but she still send a request to their warehouse. Guess what? I received a FedEx package just now and it's the missing tag!!:nuts: I am so impressed with their efficiency. Honestly I did expect to get this tag after talking to the customer service. I even called LV 866 number and they told me it's not unusual an item doesn't come with model number. Anyway, I got the tag and I am happy!