Wapity as a camera case?

Madeline suggested the wapity for me when I was looking for a camera case a few months ago. I think it's the perfect size. I have to get mine still. LOL.
I've been thinking of getting a wapity, but the only thing stopping me is it doesn't seem too protective. I've seen some leather cases on websites that claim they can protect the camera from damage. I still might buy it, though. lol
I love the idea of the wapity as a camera case, I have the Canon powershot sd550- I went to LV the other day to purchase one and it does not seem like it would protect the LCD screen. Also, since the interior is suede, it just doesn't seem right to just stick your camera in there. I was thinking to leave it in another case and stick them both into the wapity- but really...seems cumbersome! :sad: It's just my opinion. I ended up walking out and thinking about maybe getting a real camera bag from LV that is much bigger....but its not as cute! he!
The interior is not real suede, it is a synthetic alcantara which is good b/c it would protect your lens from getting scratched. I think the wapity is a better choice for a camera case than a mini pochette. I know several people who are using the wapity for the purpose without any complaints.
I saw the Wapity IRL about a week ago...and it could totally be used as a camera case...that's the first thing that came to my mind actually,when I saw it.

Its so chic...you're going to love it if you decide on it...