Wapity as a Camera Case?

  1. I'm very tempted to buy a Monogram Wapity with the intention of keeping my digital camera when I go on vacation next month. My only question is, how is Kanye West wearing this on his waist? Does he loop the strap through a belt loop?


    By the way, this is my first post here. Been lurking the last couple of weeks or so and I am loving this forum.
  2. Welcome to tPF! On the strap of the wapity there is a hook so you could remove the strap from the wapity or attach it all to a belt loop like Kanye here. The wapity is great for a digi cam. If yours is small enough, you could fit other things in there like an ID, some cash, etc.

    I circled the "hook"... p10860610_ph_hero.jpg
  3. i love my wapity! i put my dig cam in there along w/ an extra media card and if i use it on a night out, some extra $$ and my debit card and ID. works great! love it! i use it like a wristlet.
  4. That's exactly what I'm using mine for right now as well and I LOVE it!!! With the handy clip, you can clip it anywhere!:tup:
  5. it would be perfect as a camera case! I have one in black MC, and though I don't keep my camera in it, I keep it in my purse and always find a use for it.
  6. I'm pretty sure it was intended as a camera case but then people started using them as little purses they are very handy
  7. the wapity is awesome for a going out at night bag or just when yu dont want to lug around yur whole purse.

    i use mine sometimes as a camera case and sometimes an ipod case :smile:

    hope that helps :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the responses! I'm going to head to my store and pick one up this weekend. I didn't realize it had a hook!
  9. That's exactly what I use my Wapity for. My Digital camera and my Ipod Shuffle.
  10. I agree. I want one too, but my digicam is too big. :tdown:
  11. ^^

    Just buy it anyways!!! Or buy a new camera!!! LOL!
  12. it would be perfect... I love the idea
  13. Love the wapity as a camera case! It's such a versatile little bag and cute too!
  14. i used to use it as a wristlet/wallet type. After i finally got a wallet it is not my digi cam case too. Just one thing though - I am very careful when i take my camera in and out b/c I feel like the zipper might scratch the camera.
  15. I didn't know the wapity is for camera. I just thought it's so cute. I use it for coin now bc my vernis cles hold cc plus I have ton of coin. I would love to wear it like Kanye West but I'm afraid of the jean transfer.