Wapity anyone?

  1. Does anyone here have the Wapity? Mono? This is definitely going to be my next purchase. I like it...it's so cute. I originally thought I'd get it as a camera bag but see that it may actually be useful for many things. How do you use your Wapity? Can it be used like a regular Wristlet? How much can it hold..if you use it as a camera case (small digi camera) can much more fit in it?

    Thanks in Advance. I'm definitely buying this one soon....:yahoo:.
  2. I originally bought mine as a camera case - and that's primarily what it's used for. It fits my nikon and say a chapstick and some cards. I also used it as a bar bag over the summer to just hold my cell, ID, money, chapstick - etc. Very convenient little piece - but I hardly use it. It really just holds my camera - which costs less than the actual wapity, lol :s
  3. I was planning to carry it while on vacation this year or just when I'm out with the kids--we run all over during the summer here. We live in Northern Va and DC is close so we're always going there to the museums and particularly when the family comes to visit to sight see... I think it will be better sometimes than carrying a whole bag. So if I can keep my camera in there and a few cards that's great. I don't think it will fit my blackberry and the camera will it? ...LOL that's probably a little too much right??
  4. i bought both the Monogram and white Multicolore Wapities at the same time, but eventually sold the Monogram off, because i found the Multicolore one much cuter. i use it mostly as a wristlet, when i don't feel like carrying a whole bag out with me
  5. i'm planning on getting the mono wapity as well. i plan on using it mostly for my digital camera, but i think it would be a cute bag to take out at night when i don't want to carry a larger bag - seems like it would hold the essentials!
  6. I don't have a Mono Wapity but I have a MC Wapity.

    I carry it on my wrist and use it to hold my digital camera and it still as a little extra room to spare.

    There is an extra pocket on the side that could hold extra cash, credit cards, set of keys or a lipgloss.

    I measured my wapity and it is just "about" .... 4.3" x 3" x 2".

    Here are pictures of what mine looks like .... hope this helps. :love:

    (I posted these in a previous thread to help someone who had a wapity question as well)


  7. Oh that's great Ms. Herrera! Thanks! I like your black one...it's cute. I never thought to look at any other Wapitys beside the Mono. I'll have to decide which one to get....
    Thanks again! Great pics!
  8. Mine is a multi-tasker, sometimes it holds my camera & other times it is a wristlet. I like to use it as a grab & go item, keep my drivers license, atm card, burts bees & a little cash in there for quick trips to the grocery store or to pick up the kids from school, then I just stick it in whatever bag I'm using & it doubles as a wallet. I have the mono & it's such a great little bag & probably the thing I use most.
  9. I think is so cute
  10. I want the wapity, will buy it this weekend. just great to carry around phone, camera and some money.
  11. I have the white MC Wapity and I use it EVERY DAY. It's so practical! I keep my cc's, a little cash, my phone and a lipstick inside, and my keys.
  12. argh you guys are making me want one too now! gosh i love this place lol
  13. I'm getting one soon! I want the White MC!
  14. I have both the mono and multicolore wapitys. I mainly use them as a wallet.
  15. i just got my white MC wapity around a week ago! i've used it quite a few times already! i used it as a camera case, wallet, etc.