Wapity and Asthma?

  1. i have asthma and i'm curious if it is big enough for me to put my inhaler and breath check in it. 'cause from the other thread i started i see the cles is definitely not big enough. do you girls (and guys) think i can get it in there?
  2. Not sure how big a breath check is, but it's definitely big enough for an inhaler, imo.
  3. It was way too big for my chocolate cell... if that give some perspective.
  4. I have to carry an EPI PEN and an inhaler everywhere..The Wapity WOnt fit the EPI PEN...the inhaler fits though..

  5. okay, good the inhaler is the most important. the breath check is like a long tube about as long as a fat sharpie marker, maybe a little longer.
  6. Maybe you could measure the length of your tube and then check elux for the length of wapity? I do know that the wapity has a very wide opening to get things in.....so the length should be your only concern.

    A pochette would work for you too...in case you hadn't thought of that!

  7. really? a pochette? i had asked about them in another thread, but they sounded like they were too small, that would be good though if it did work 'cause i was planning to get one
  8. My husband has one of those breath tubes, the one he has is blue and clear tube. If this is what you have - my guess, the length of the wapity won't be long enough. Then again, I'm not sure. :shrugs:
  9. It would fit the inhaler.
  10. Hi,

    I have asthma and I have an inhaler permanently in my wapity for when I need it to just nip out without a bag. I can also fit a cell phone and keys and lipstick in, although it can be a bit crammed!
    Not sure how big the breath test is - I have a peak flow meter and that is huge.
    But my inhaler is well happy in its LV home!!
  11. Anyone have pics of the Wapity ? I have no idea what it looks like :confused1:

  12. that should be good then. the inhaler is the most important part. maybe i can shove the breath check in there.....:yes:
  13. here's one in multicolore

    and here is one in MC

    the multicolore one looks bigger to me
  14. well i hope it fits, you can have an asthma attack in style!

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: that is ssooooo funny!!!