Wapity again! Today!

  1. Ok I will probably visit my local LV shop later this day. Until now I only have mono bags, but I think something cute like the Wapity would look nice in MC, esp. considering the smaller Logos! So should I go for a MC Wapity in black (would get it in white but my bf doesn't like it)?
  2. I would definatly go for it! The Wapity is sooo cute and it looks great in both the MC and the Mono. I think if you want it in white, go for it no matter what the bf says :lol:
  3. I agree, choose the colour YOU prefer, not your boyfriend - or will he use it? :amuse:
    The MC looks nice on a Wapity :love: Go for it!
  4. The wapity looks lovely in black MC ! And you know, if you like it better in white, you should get that instead - your boyfriend isn't going to be carrying it ! ;)
  5. i love the wapity in white
  6. Me too :nuts: Get the white MC :amuse:
  7. I really think Wapity in White MC is much better than black. Ayla is right, you'll be carrying it, not your bf, heheheh. :P
  8. I have the black MC. IMO, the vibrant colors show up more against a darker background. I just love it!:love:
  9. I have a white MC wapity and I LOVE it~! Some would say I have wapity fever...I carry it in BH all the time....or on its own when Im in a hurry.
  10. yay yay get it get it! lol. all this wapity talk.. now i've been craving one! :nuts:
  11. IMO the black looks somewhat cartoonish. I LOVE the white, I have it!
  12. another vote for the white!
  13. ok still considering! I think I have to see it in person first and have to look what really fits in there! The problem is that when I see it, I probably gonna buy it, no matter what fits in...:/
  14. Buy it!!!!!!!!! I have one and love it i carry it everywhere, i can slip my little digi cam, my LV card holder, and cell phone in there, I LOVE IT!!:biggrin:
  15. I've got a better idea. :biggrin:

    If he likes the black one more, then ask if he would buy it for you as a gift. Then go and get the white one with your own money and you'll end up having both! ;)