Wapity advice

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  1. I need your valued opinions: should I get the wapity in mono or black murakami ? Thanks for any help.
  2. black murakami!!! I want to get it in white :smile:

    good luck!
  3. I have both. The black is tdf with all the bright colors and the monogram is great if you're going to use it a lot and be a little rough on it. I have used the monogram all summer long and it looks great. I don't think I can be as rough on the black mc. The black is sooooo pretty. :heart:
  4. MC, so cute!
  5. i bought both the Monogram and white Multicolore together, but after using them for a while i realized i preferred the Multicolore, because it's so cute with all the colors and not as common as the Monogram
  6. Between the two I would go for black, personally I love white one..
  7. I forgot to mention that I have the mono zippy wallet. Should I match since I may carry it not as a wristlet but in my bag? Or should I branch out and coordinate. I do not want to worry about wear 'n tear.
  8. Mc!
  9. I loved the multicolor but got the mono. For me it's more practical and has taken a beating and still looks great. I also cordinates with all my mono bags and wallets.
  10. i really like the white mc wapity. however, if i were to choose between the mono or black mc, i'd prefer the mono... there are only certain pieces in black mc that i like, but the wapity is not one of them.
  11. mc, both black and white are super cute though
  12. MC either Wapity you get you'll love, though! ...and remember to post on tPF's Wapity Club! ;)
  13. I have the multicolor and its great I always use it.. its so cute :smile:
  14. The Monogram Wapity is great cause it can take a beating, I've had it for a year and a half as a case for my camera and it's holding up really well!
  15. I like the MC better but I would want the mono so it matched my wallet.