wanting to purchase second miu miu bag, but...

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  1. i have a black coffer, which i love, but have had horrible luck with. i got it during the coffer craze last fall, and have used it TONS since then. it's my regular go-to bag aside from my black balenciaga city which my little sister has so conveniently taken over (:nogood:). i'm not terribly hard on my bags, but i do USE them. i'm in grad school, and work two part-time jobs, so they do get banged up and all of that jazz just from regular use.

    long story short, my coffer looks like crap. the closure has TONS of scratches, the hardware (only where the loops meet the handle) are turning, and the stitching looks less than stellar (this is not that noticeable, but i notice it because i know bags, and anyone else who knows bags would notice it as well, i'm sure). i know this is all in part to how much i use the bag (and the conditions in which i use it: rain/snow/public transportation), but i have other bags that i do this with as well (shameful, i know) that look totally fine even after a few years of living the life with me.

    NOW i am totally jonesing for that grey miu miu bag in the f/w ads...

    would i be crazy to spend that sort of money again on a bag that may or may not fit my lifestyle?

  2. if u like the new bag and u can afford it, then I guess u can consider getting it. The main point is to get a bag you love and use it well. Perhaps with the new coffer, the 'damage' on the bag would be much less since I believe u would be alternating the use of these 2 miu mius.
  3. The leather on the Coffer is pretty delicate. I noticed mine showed some wear after only using it a couple of times. If it bother you don't get a second bag. However, if you love it and really want it then go for it. Sanity has very little to do with bag purchases....lol
  4. I'd get it, if I loved it that much -- but I'd baby it a bit more, this time around. Maybe use your older one on rainy days, etc. etc.
  5. the leather on mine (while i agree is very delicate) has worn well. it doesn't look shabby or anything. not brand new either of course, but just regular and like well-aged leather. what bothers me big time is the tarnish on the loops...

    the grey bag has a lot of hardware as well, and i wouldn't want that to happen to ANOTHER bag. honestly, i won't even take the coffer out anywhere nice anymore because of the tarnish. it's just my day bag for going to the farmer's market/run random errands.
  6. Just curious, I use my black Coffer as my everyday bag and have never experienced any tarnish whatsoever?? Can you tell me more about the tarnish on the loops? Is it turning colors or wearing off? How long have you had the bag? Maybe you can return it to the store that you purchased it from because it seems to me that it shouldn't tarnish at all. :nogood:
  7. The stitching on my first black Coffer which I had purchased from Saks was coming a bit undone under the flap and it really bothered me so I returned it to Saks and they happily returned my money with no questions asked. The brass loops, are they tarnishing or turning position? It seems to me that you ought to be able to return this bag to the store from which you purchased it if it is not holding up well. Like I mentioned in my previous post, my new black Coffer has been holding up tremendously without any problems for several months now. :yes:
  8. i can't tell if it's rubbing off or just dirty...my bf says we should get some of that stuff that cleans tarnish and see if it take it off. it's weird because the rest of the hardware is great, but the big loops are wearing out.

    i don't think i can return it...i bought it nearly a year ago, and wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. the bag HAS been used to death (sort of).
  9. Interesting issue. It may not be something that would even happen to your new coffer, if miu2's experience is anything to go by. (And miu ought to know -- with her wonderful coffer collection!)
  10. Did you purchase it from a retail store or a boutique? Either way, it seriously sounds like a possible defect and for the amount they cost, I wouldn't think twice about taking it back to see what they have to say about it. If you purchased it with a cc, you might use that if you no longer have the receipt. Might be worth a try? :yes:
  11. If you feel your coffer "looks like crap" after using it for a year, maybe you should buy something more durable. I use my bags the way you do, and I think a bag should be used and loved and not stored away for a (non) rainy day. If you don't mind the way your coffer looks now, then by all means, buy another.
  12. i suppose i could try to return it, but i can't see them taking it back. i do not think the bag is defective, i just think it isn't as durable as a balenciaga. i've most likely decided against the grey bag for now...it has too much hardware to deal with like the coffer.

    that said, i haven't seen it irl...i get back into the states at the beginning of september and i'm not opposed to being swept of my feet...
  13. What store did you buy it from.
  14. Saks.

    but i bought it...jeez, last october?
  15. Can you post some pics of it? Maybe we can be of more help with photos. :yes: