Wanting to Purchase 1st

  1. I would like to have at least one Chanel purse in my collection. I know they are super expensive. I only have $1000 to spend. What can this get me? I would prefer new so I would rather not go to eBay. If going to the boutique means I am not getting much bag then that's fine. I would just like to be educated on which purses are in my price range, if any. Thanks for your help.
  2. There' s areally almost nothing under $1k unfortunately. . . if you can afford just over there's a few things.
    They had a price increase yesterday so there's very little even around that now :sad:
  3. Well what's close to $1000?
  4. Since the price increase, I'm not positive anymore.
    Maybe a small clutch or a small Cambon bag, the Petit Shopping Tote was $1050-ish prior to increase, but I'm not sure what it went up to{?}
  5. You could always check the ref. library. Like Swanky said there is not much. Especially since the price increase.
  6. Cambon pochette, or those clutches? Petit shopper was a good deal at $1095, but I think it's $1395 now.
  7. Actually, if you call NM you can still get the Petite Shopper for $1095 or the East West flap for $1150. But you have to do that by Sunday! Monday morning, the new higher prices take over.

    PM me if you need my NM Sales Associate for those 2 items. I was just there to purchase my Chanel.
  8. ^good to know!
  9. Thanks so much for your help but I won't have the money until next Fri. I was doing a little pre-shopping. Oh well!!!
  10. eBay isn't a bad way to go tho , just post it in the Authanticate This thread and have the girls check them out for you first! I have gotten two really good deals on Chanel that way, one bag retails for $1450 plus tax and I got it for $720 shipped on eBay! The other retails for $1375 plus tax and I got that one for $800 shipped - box, dustbag, tags, everything! Both have very little wear on them... just a thought!