Wanting to buy my first Chanel...

  1. :heart: I'm thinking something black with silver hardware. I'd definitely like the C logo as well. Any styles to recommend?

    Also, what price range am I looking at. I know it varies by style, but could someone please give me a range?

  2. For bigger shoulder bags:

    You could try the Black diamond stitch tote (distressed leather), black ulimate soft (lambskin), black baby cabas (distressed leather), black modern chain tote (distressed leather)

    For something smaller and more dainty:

    Classic flaps with silver hardware (availablr in caviar, lambskin, patent leather).

    I am not too sure of the pricing but you use the search option in this forum to look them up or try the reference library! :yes::yes: Hope that helps.
  3. CHANEL usually starts at $1500 on average.