Wanting to buy inclusion, please give some advice

  1. Hi! I'm looking to buy the black or transparent inclusion PM bracelet. I've heard that many of you get cracks and stuff. Does anyone have pictures of the flaws? Also which colors are more susceptible to cracks, or which ones are most noticable, i think i read that the gray ones are pretty bad with cracks..

    Also, to save money (hehe) i think i want to buy from eluxury this time. Since inclusions do have cracking occur and some of you out there have gotten used items (i think) should i NOT buy inclusions from elux b/c i won't be able to examine the item before purchasing?

    Does transparent show cracking? I hope not b/c you cant see the layers of clear and "colored" parts right?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. You just have to look them over. They're handmade, so some have defects, like anything. I bought the new grey and black PM's the other night and they're perfect. One grey I looked at had a scratch on the plastic. I had the most problems finding a decent amarante, so I gave up. I know they're out there...you just have to look and be patient. I bought a transparent from elux and it was perfect.
  3. thanks! does transparent ever scratch?
  4. Yes, it can scratch. It's the same material as the others. You just have to be careful to not go against abrasive surfaces or bang them on a table, etc.
  5. I have both black and transparent. The black is about a month old and was bought from the boutique. The transparent is about 4 or 5 months old and was bought from eLux. Both are perfect and still show no damage and I wear them both as singles and stacked. When I wear them I do enjoy them but I am also aware of not bumping my arm into hard surfaces.
  6. All have the potential to scratch if you aren't careful with them. I once dropped my yellow PM (on the concrete in a parking lot!) and it escaped unscathed, but you still have to be careful and don't knock them into things...brick and stucco especially are terrible for Inclusion items.
  7. are black & transparent the only colours out now?
  8. ^There should still be some Framboise, Pomme, Amarante, Transparent, Black and Gray out.
  9. i've spent like hours in the inclusions thread of the clubhouse drooling. oh God. lol. all the while the bf is like u know you can buy a camera for that much... lol

    I'v changed my mind... I have to go for black, then grey, then pomme and THEN transparent..:drool:
  10. ^Lol true, but you can't sit there and stare at a camera. :lol:

    Hope you get them soon!
  11. I have four - transparent, framboise, amarante and grey. The transparent has the least tendency to show the cracks/bubbles. The bubbles are usually seen because of the different color of the layers. Since they're made of plastic, there's bound to be some defect coz of how they're made but not all inclusions have defects. You just have to check them out carefully before buying. It's an expensive piece of plastic but definitely WORTH IT! The transparent one gets the most compliments, btw.
  12. Good to know about the stacking!! I'm going to wear my black and grey stacked....I was fretting that they'd get scratched up this way.
  13. Thanks!! i just ordered the gray pm..they said it was the only one they had left at my boutique..so this will be my first inclusion:yahoo:
    i love the beige but i guess thats no longer available??
  14. ^Congrats!
    And yeah the beige sold out awhile ago. They still have like one piece (phone charm or something) left on elux but they're sold out now.
  15. Thanks so much for the info Rebecca!! Ur awesome:yahoo: