wanting to buy a LV monogram speedy 25

  1. Hi girls...
    Need your advice and help here :tender: ... I'm thinking of buying a speedy 25 :yes: on EBAY, is there any advice or suggestions you can give me?...:sos:

    I've been looking around on Ebay but not too good at the speedy 25 style...

  2. If you find one you like but are unsure, I would post in the "authenticate this" thread to get others advice! Are u looking for brand new or used?there arent too many on ebay right now
  3. Some of the My Poupette sellers are praised here, so I would look for that in the auction. I would also check let-trade.com.
  4. thanks thanks... i'll start my search and i'll get you ladies to see if it's authentic or not!!
  5. ^ good luck! :biggrin:
  6. Ohh on more... how's the seller "authentic_lvlady"??
  7. ^ i heard good things about her...
  8. She's great! Highly recommended!
  9. good good cuz she has speedy 25 for sale!!
  10. I just cruised through the Speedy 25's ending soonest on Ebay, and see several authentic bags. I guess it depends on what type of condition you want; most are in fair to poor condition. I do see one Malletier Speedy 25 that looks very good, ending in 3 days :wlae:
  11. actually i don't trust e-bay sellers... a friend of mine got a fake...please don't risk and save money to buy a real lv in a lv shop...don't waste your money ....
  12. I don't believe ebay is a waste of money. I think if you are vigilant, you can find some great buys. It takes some time, patience and the help of the girls here on the pf! If you find something you are interested in, post it here to make sure it's authentic. Someone will gladly help you out.
  13. I don't think ebay is a waste of money either....it just takes patience to find an authentic item from a reputable seller....but it can be done!!

    Lots of ladies on here have gotten great deals on authentic LV items from ebay!!
  14. i don't think ebay is a waste of money too.
    i save TONS of money... just do your research and be patient.