Wanting this Chanel *pic*

  1. Hi, is there anyone here knows what name is this Chanel bag on the left and if it is still available in store, how much? I really want to have this bag. For those who already own one please post a pic of yourself with this bag. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Yes. It's availavle. I think I saw the one on the left yesterday at NM in San Francisco. I believe it was a little over $1.8K or it could have been a little ver $2.2K. I can't remember...sorry but I know I saw it. Hope it helps...
  3. so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
  4. Thanks, I just need the name and I'll try to call NM in San Francisco.
  5. They're both so nice. I haven't seen them before.

    Good luck.
  6. Hey lvkittycatfab! you probably could just call and describe the bag, especially since you know what color they have. the NM in San Francisco is quite small, so they should be able to help you out easily, as in they don't have too many bags! (sorry, i wish i knew the name for you)
  7. I guess this Chanel bag is really not that popular. I will try to call NM tomorrow, it's hard to describe though since I don't know the size and the true color and it looks almost the same as the Chanel Classic flap bag.
  8. I believe its been called the 'accordian bag'....
    on the Purseblog's chanel section its called the 'double flap patent'
  9. I LOVE the red one!!