Wanting final comments about this bag

  1. I looked at this bag yesterday...I think it's real, and it's GORGEOUS! Post lots of pics for us if you get it! You might double-check the tag numbers against atelier.naff's site.
  2. Definitely legit - that seller is a member of TFS forum, no worries!
  3. Yes! It's authentic :smile: I also think she is a fellow forum member. :smile: goodluck!
  4. will post the pics if ever I get it... i am just worried coz the price is not as high as I would expect it to be..... but will definitely check if its real.. thanks again.
  5. It looks real, and it's a nice bag. Good luck if you're planning on bidding!
  6. I'm sure price will go up closer to auction end (well hopefully not for you lol). Best of luck :P

  7. yes, it's pretty good price... 10 more hours to go though, it's bound to go up then...
  8. Piping my two cents for it being legit. It's a gorgeous bag! I wish I liked the first, it'd definitely make my life easier.
  9. <<what is that?
  10. oki, then no one from the forum should try to outbid me.. pretty pls... let me have it.. heheeh.
  11. The Fashion Spot - It's another site like this one, but deals with everything fashion related. I love that site too, except the sysadmin isn't as smoking as Vlad is. They're down a lot! Hopefully, they're better now though. I just had to give it up, couldn't deal with the aggravation.
  12. Are you going for it? I was thinking about it, but I am looking for a city. SO, I will root for you, hopefully you have a fast hard drive, I think it will be a show down!!
  13. yeah I am bidding for it.. can't wait to add it to my collection....
  14. *fingers crossed for you!*