Wanting Dylan - Get it now? Or, wait for a sale?

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  1. First of all, I LOVE this forum and cannot believe that it has taken me this long to find the Treesje brand and these lovely, lovely handbags!

    I *really* want the Dylan hobo in Oceano, and have only found it available on the endless.com website, but it looks to be at full price. On ebags.com, they are having a great President's Day sale and have the Dylan hobo, but only in black.

    My question is this - should I try to wait to see if endless.com has a sale and I can get the Oceano then? Or, should I give up on it and get it in black during ebags.com President's Day sale?

    Or... can you lovely people suggest some place else that might have the Oceano Dylan for a better price?

    Thanking you in advance for your help!
  2. Hi! If I really wanted a bag I'd get it. When nice bags go on sale they disappear quickly. Try looking around to see if they have it elsewhere. Or you can settle with the black but it's not the color you want. Go for it!! Get it! Get it!! Hopefully this helps!!
  3. Luna Boston has it on sale for about $415! That's not really the best possible price, to be frank, so it may even be worth waiting for the next Endless sale, but if you really want it badly and don't want to wait, that's one possible option. Luna Boston does also have a rewards program (LB Luxe) where you essentially get 15% of the amount that you spend back in rewards dollars that you can use for a subsequent purchase. It'll help defray the cost a little, but only if you intend to purchase from them again. HTH!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I just checked out Luna Boston and requested the "price match" for the ebags.com sale price and linked to it and the price match was accepted and put in my cart for the ebags.com price! :yahoo:

    I haven't completed the purchase yet though because I have one more question - on Luna Boston, they are calling it the Dylan TOTE and on another one, they call it a Dylan SHOULDER BAG. This is the same bag, right?
  5. Yup, it's the same! The Dylan is really a hobo, frankly, but they both refer to the same bag. HTH!

    (BTW, LB's price match feature is actually still subject to approval by an actual person in their store. They only price match on the same colour and style, and they do check it too, although their system accepts it first for the sake of expediency. Did eBags only have it in Black and not Oceano? I'd probably double-check their price match policy on their CS page to be sure.)
  6. Yes, ebags only had it in black, which I am not totally opposed to getting. I just have soooo many black bags and wanted the dark blue for a bit of change! :smile:

    Should I call them to verify the price match before I put the order through?
  7. Okay - just called and spoke with a person. They said that the competitors color and bag must match, and since ebags.com didn't have it in Oceano, they won't honor the price match. Soooo.... now, I need to decide whether to wait it out and see if Luna Boston or endless decides to have a sale soon, or just get the black one.

    What do ya'll think of the black Dylan?

    Thanks, again, for the help! This forum is the best!
  8. FYI -- if you decide to get the black Dylan, check out Bloomies website. It's cheaper than the current ebags price.
  9. I like Black leather with GM hw so I would get it for the better price. BUT if you really are ser on Oceano, maybe it is good to snag the one on LB now?
  10. I wouldn't settle for anything but what you really want. There is a big difference between Oceano and Black. I bought a Toffee Dylan when I really wanted the Bordeaux. Eventually I bought the Bordeaux and now have them both. I came to love them equally.

    The Oceano is an exquisite color. If that's what you have your heart set on, an it's available somewhere....I would go for it.
  11. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions and help. I ended up buying the black one from ebags.com last night. It came out to be $359.99 with free shipping. I checked out Bloomies, but it looked like it was still listed as $419.00?

    I still want the Oceano and will get it when I see it at a good sale price, but decided to get the black because I do wear a lot of black, and what's one more black bag, right?? LOL!

    Thank you, again, for the help!
  12. CONGRATS! Do post pics when you get it. & yes, one can never have too many black bags. I have 4 myself.
  13. It is $419 at Bloomies. When I saw the price earlier on ebags.com, it said $449.99 -- for some reason I wasn't seeing the extra sale discount.

    The black looked really pretty, and I'll bet you love it. And if you find the Oceano, they can be twins! Nothing wrong with having a great bag in more than one color...:P
  14. I got the black Dylan from e-bags last week and I love it! the price was 383.99...a few days after I received it I noticed the bag was 353.99 so I called them and they credited my account for the difference, great price! Curious, if you look at the leather on the Dylan from e-bags and the one from Bloomingdales it is a bit different the leather on the ebags is a wash lambskin and the bloomingdales Dylan is a smooth lambskin. I noticed on the Treesje website the spring 2010 line has the Dylan in a smooth lambskin I guess they go back and forth the washed lambskin is kind of a off black and more rugged looking but I love it. Let me know what you think when you receive yours. I have my eye on the Treesje Marley now but have to wait.
  15. Will do! I can't even begin to tell you how many black bags I have! LOL! One more definitely doesn't hurt!~ ;)