Wanting bag from The Office

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May 18, 2009
Hi everybody,

Both me and my sister are big fans of the Office, but she's told me she keeps seeing a bag carried by Pam on there this season that she loves. I was hoping to find something really similar for Christmas if I can't find the exact one. It's tan/ cognac/ chestnut ( whatever you wanna call it) and it has silver hardware. I'm almost sure it just has a single shoulder strap that leaves a good space between underarm and top of bag and it's size I would estimate to be about 8" or so height and 14" width. It has 3 or 4 "O" rings on each side of the bag that is looped through the strap that goes over the shoulder. I can't find any pictures of it but maybe a few of you have actually noticed it and can help. It can be seen most in the episode " Andy's Play" and " Counseling"

This probably is such an odd question but maybe a few of you can help!

thanks SO much!
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