Wanting a spy...

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a guy that's always wearing totes and big shoulder bags and i was thinking of getting a fendi black leather spy. The problem i find is that the shape of the bag is a bit too feminine....but i would love to own one.

    so the question is, do y'all think that a guy like me can pull off a spy bag?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I'm glad you like the spy! I don't know quite how to answer your question though..have you tried it on? I'm definitely not going to say that it's too "feminine" for you, I don't believe in all that. I personally think that if someone really loves something then they should get it, regardless of what the world thinks. Obviously it still does hurt when someone is mean about it. I find a lot of men's designs nice and wouldn't hesitate to get them, but I think a guy carrying a "girl's" bag is a little different. *sigh* I say try it on at a store, I can't imagine what it'll look like but maybe it'll even be sexy;) Start the new trend!
  3. [​IMG]

    Bryanboy and his Spy
  4. :drool::drool::drool:
  5. I think a black spy would be great if you like it and want one go for it!
  6. I think a man who is in touch with his female side could pull it off..... but not a Manly Man.

    The bag has soft billowing curves and fluffs out like its wearing a petticoat. It screams I am Woman! :tender:

    Very sexy.:heart::heart:

    Not to mention the significance of the lipstick tube/holder....Hmmmm ;)

    You might want to consider a Bag de Jour or a Fendi Messenger bag if the estrogen levels are too high for you.
  7. i think a Fendi Messenger bag or Bag du Jour....the du Jour is so gorgeous, so unique..................and both are chicly unisex
  8. the lipstick holder is can also hold cigarettes. not that I'm encouraging smoking, but you could put whatever in it. i put in q-tips since i don't wear makeup or smoke:biggrin:
  9. This is a fake--please be careful of craigslist!
  10. I personally like a man with a bag. But is the Spy a manly bag, my answer on this one would be a no, sorry :sad:. I just think its shaped for a lady, rounded and curved, and as somebody else mentioned, quite fluffy and puffy!!!
  11. My thoughts exactly!
  12. Thanks for all your input guys!

    I went to holts today to try on the spy bag. I actually like it on me if i carry it by hand. but i feel the bag is just...not me. so, i think i'll pass on the spy and get a Louis Vuitton speedy 35 ;). I guess the spy was one of those "it looks really good...but not on me..." kinda bags:drool:
  13. Aww well atleast you're getting the speedy 35, good choice! A lot of guys carry that as well.

  14. He carries the Spy very well not to mention that I :heart: that particular one!!! It's very gorgeous :yes: :drool:!