Wanting a Navy Ramona

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  1. I am SO happy with my two present Ramonas, that I now NEED one in Navy. I dont' want the cracked patent, but rather a flat Navy or a (sigh) distressed Navy. I know Cosmoposlitan had printed a picture of a Navy Ramona available a couple years ago. I have searched all over on line and cannot find one:wlae:. There is a woman who posts here once in awhile who has an on line store of "authentics".She said she will be getting a navy Ramona in soon. I dont' want to mention her name here, but if anybody is familiar with this woman and her merchandise, could you please pm or email me with any information on her and her merchandise?

    I am now obsessed with finding a Navy Ramona. I contacted customer service at Jimmy Choo to ask if one is anywhere. I am waiting to hear back.:shrugs:
  2. Good luck, I hope you get your Navy Ramona.
  3. Jimmy Choo customer service just sent an automated response. They will be closed until April 10th! I am now feeling crazed for this bag!
  4. Easter blondcat, if you can't wait then I would suggest your best bet would be to actually call the stores direct rather than wait for Customer Services to return to work after the Easter Break.
  5. Riffraff, have you seen any Navy Ramonas anywhere? I wonder if they are even available or do I need to find somebody who has a stash from an earlier year?
  6. Blondecat I must admit the only idea I can come up with (and it is a complete long shot,) is to call the manageress (she's a complete sweetheart) at the Jimmy Choo outlet at Bicester Village +44 1869247319 and maybe ask her if one comes in to hold it and ship it for you.
  7. I'm grabbing and thankful for any long shot! I shall put a call in tomorrow. ANYBODY ELSE???? Has anybody dealt with the lady who posts here for one of her handbags?

    mayday and sos.......
  8. I look forward to speaking to you if your call comes into whilst I'm trying on new shoes :roflmfao:
  9. Hi Blondecat
    I'm with you, I too would kill for a Navy Ramona, but like you, I tried to find one last summer and all I could find on line were fakes and inspired. Please let me know if you have any luck with the JC outlet. I might look into that Avenue to find a navy or Bordeaux patent leather Ramona.
    Good Luck!

    OT, it is going to be $45,100.00 to replace that roof.:cursing:
  10. I'll keep you posted on what I find out, Robyn.

    hhmm... $45,100.00! Lunch would have been more fun!
  11. I bought the navy when the Ramona first came out and it was so hard to get then, I just lucked out and found one in my local Jimmy Choo boutique. Just recently saw a navy on Bluefly (around $1450). I know there is some concern with Bluefly, however, I've purchased 2 bags from them, a Chloe Betty tote and a Gucci Britt and both were authentic and great. If you don't like it, you can return it. Keep checking because it keeps popping up, like someone has it in their shopping bag, and then it's released. Good luck!!
  12. Most definately....:yes:
  13. Thanks, Ilson. I just checked and it is not there now but I will be checking DAILY. Say..... any chance you might be getting "tired" of your navy bag? Huh? Promise if you do you'll sell it to me??:yes:
  14. llson is right. The Navy Ramona is VERY hard to come by. It was the first Ramona that was seen on all the celebs in early 06. That color made the Ramona famous.

    I also saw a Navy Ramona pop up on Bluefly recently, and I was pretty skeptical about it. (I'm just one of those people who does not buy from eBay, Bluefly, etc., because of possible fraud. I think it's safer to buy directly from the boutique or major dept. stores like NM or Saks. JMHO :shrugs: )
  15. blondecat, just fyi, be careful about that kind of talk, even in jest, because the moderators don't allow any kind of buying, selling, trading, here...