Wanting a nano but came out with a mini

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  1. Hey tpfers! I was in Europe in May/June and was searching for a nano high and low and could not find one. I'm in Europe again at the moment and still couldn't find a nano...I ended up going 3 celine stores yesterday in paris and at the 2nd one (ave Montaigne) I saw a micro with black outer and white croc middle. I was contemplating but I still had Lafayette to try and they told me all the colors were out for the luggages.

    Two guys came in asking for the mini in royal blue in french and the SA pointed to upstairs so I followed. They brought it out from their stockroom, so I asked to see other colors. I think the micro size suits me more but fell in love with the royal blue so I ended up taking that one.

    I feel like the mini is too big for me. I'm 5"3...I just don't know if I should continue trying to find nano. Please help!
  2. Best choice ever.
  3. From my point of view, Mini size is very excellent for everyone you seem to travel a lot must you choose good size I will always recommend Mini sizes for(celine luggage) its not small and not big and the color you've chosen is DEFINITELY gorgeous.

    Nano Sizes is way too small! You really dont want it :P trust me!

    Finally, Congratulations to you:smile:
  4. I love the colour choice.. so amazing... congrats
  5. Thanks for the reassurance ladies!!! It is such a beautiful bag and so hard to buy.

    This is my first time getting a bag in smooth leather, I'm so paranoid ill scratch it badly because I'm clumsy :rain: lol
  6. congrayulations on your lovely bag! you can buy a leather spray protector to prevent watermarks.
  7. Beautiful bag! So did you find this royal blue at Montaigne Celine store or at Galleries Lafayette?
  8. I found it at ave Montaigne store! They had a few colors in the stockroom.
  9. This color is very gorgeous! congratulation!!!
  10. we are bag twins! i love my royal blue mini so much too!

    many ladies drooling when you walk with her i m sure.
  11. wow did they just reject you if you don't speak french?!
    But anyways, great ending and congrats! It's really hard to get any luggage in france seems like!
  12. congrats and lucky you! i have both the nano and the micro, and find that they suit different occasions. don't give up on the nano! it's adorable and so convenient.
  13. Thank you, I fell in love with the colour!

    I can imagine. I've been lusting after this colour in a nano size, then when I saw the guys show a picture of this bag and they brought it out...:biggrin:

    I think they prefer locals. Even when I tried in Italy, she wouldn't even sell me the display mini. I guess they are so sick of tourists buying up all the bags but I genuinely want a nano and its so hard :sad:

    I'm going back to celine tomorrow to hopefully find a nano...I'm not giving up! It is just the perfect size for fitting the essentials :love:
  14. I love the color of your mini, congras~!
  15. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!