Wanting a Day, but what color

  1. Hello! I am mainly in the LV forum, but have fallen in love with the Day and am thinking I want one for fall! How sharp that will look with some boots and wool coat!! My dream color is Ink and I think there was an authentic that I missed out on a few weeks ago on eBay :sad:

    I just called Blakes Chicago and they have a Bluet Navy in a day for $995, Barney's has a brown and black, but I see Diabro.net has the Black day for under $800. Do you ladies wear blues in the fall/winter? Should I go with a black for my first purchase? Or should I wait for an Ink to pop up again on eBay?
  2. Someone on the main forum just posted they bought a brand new Ink Day from Bal NY .... try calling maybe they have another still in stock :tup:
  3. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for the tip! I'm going to call and see what I find...
  4. They said they only had the one straggler in the Day...I guess it remains on my wishlist. Thanks though!!
  5. Anthracite! (i'm extremely bias as you can see). Seriously though this color goes with EVERYTHING! Mine is very blue, sometimes green. It goes great with a flowy skirt and fits over a winter coat. Yay!:yahoo:
    IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0375.jpg
  6. I got it from Neiman's in Tysons Corner VA. Maybe they still have one? Number is 703-761-1600. Ask for Andrea or Corey.
  7. I'd vote for the Anthra too. It seems like the best of all worlds. It has the blues/blacks/greys.
  8. i agree, anthra is an amazing color, but the anthra in the DAY style only comes in GH... if you like GH, then there are still a few to be had, but i don't think BAL ever produced it in RH in the DAY style...
  9. Thanks for the info. I do prefer RH, would consider the silver. It's a beautiful color...Brunettetiger you look awesome with your Day!!!