Wanting a Chloe...whats the EDGIEST CHLOE?

  1. Hi!!

    I am an avid Balenciaga collector and I've sated my lust for Balenciaga "for now". Now, I want to own a Chloe....

    Can you girls help me? I like an edgy bag that will look good with jeans/casual wear.

    Thanks a lot girls.
  2. The metallic paddingtons are edgy, and I personally find the black paddington with the black hardware to look very rock chic like.

    The bettys are softer imo, not as edgy, and the Edith are much more a work staple bag, although do look good dressed down with jeans.

    I would go with the new bay its brand new out, and the quilted version will be released in the next few weeks and is a stunner imo. Picture of the new bay here, and it is also available in creme, black and brown
  3. The Tekla? It isn't as girly as many of the Chloes.
  4. Go to Intemix.com and check out their chain handled Betty's.......they are edgy. I have the small version and by far it's my most favorite purse of all time. Very rocker babe sophisticated. Plus this retailer is selling them >50% off.

    Call the Intermix store in NY and see what they have on the floor for other deals.
  5. I have the black/black paddy and it can be edgy and versatile.
    I also have the Black Chain Betty Tote. I feel like the chain betty is edgier, just really cool yet, clean lined classic.
    I had a great "very pristine" man stop me in baggage claim this weekend to comment how much he liked my Betty Tote. He told me he had one too!!!!!:wtf:
  6. I think the patent Bettys are quite edgy.
  7. I agree with chloe-babe, the metallic bags are as edgy as you could get.
  8. I would say patent Betty or a metallic Paddington:yes:
  9. out of all the chloe styles, I think the paddy is the most edgy... it really adds the extra to any casual outfit. I really like the quilted bay bags though too..
  10. I have a silvery dark metallic python silverado that is really edgy. (So edgy that I have worn it exactly twice.)

    I think metallic paddies are everyday wear-able edgy. Agree that chain bettys are too. The python betty that Kate Moss rocks is pretty darn edgy too. LOVE that bag!:heart:
  11. Dang! That Betty came up and then unavailable within 5 minutes. Wow.:wtf: