Wanted: Your LV Wallet Suggestions

  1. Hi there,
    I'm new to this board. I have a LH that I purchased back in August while in Barcelona and now I'm looking for a wallet. Any suggestions? I'm not particular on any type of LV collection (Groom vs. Epi vs. Damier vs. Mono). I just want a good wallet since I only plan on spending the money once. (LOL) Plus I want to be prepared when I go to my local LV store here in Ohio. There's nothing worse than walking in with no clue and spending more money than you should have. (LOL)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Depends on what you normally carry. If you have coins then go with a PTI. If you don't then you can consider the Porte Valeurs.
  3. I have the vernis zippy wallet and I :heart: it....best wallet I've ever had. Not to mention that it's so cute!! I have the framboise color and it looks great in my mono bags and also the Damier!! :yes:

    Have fun!
  4. Monoogram PTI or pochett wallet..
    inside new pti 8 slots.jpg M61734.jpg inside.jpg
  5. I also have a zippy wallet, but in epi. Love it!!
  6. Is there any sort of special cleaning you need to do with the epi or vernis? also, does it have a lot of credit card slots? I'm looking for 9, 10 or 12 slots. If the zippy epi or vernis doesn't have that many slots, does it have a pocket inside? Like for receipts or extra cards.
  7. I'd get the Viennois in either Azur or red Epi :yes:
  8. french wallet if you don't carry checks around with you.if you carry those, i would go pti.
  9. I carry coins, checkbook, etc and I love my PTI. I can carry it all in one wallet.
  10. I would go with a Mono PTI.
  11. I have the pochette wallet. I love it because it fits the bills longwise, and change, and cc's and then two other pockets for other stuff! Here's a pic:

  12. I think Koala is nice .......
    but I like French wallet as I don't like the note part is open not close.
  13. I love the Pochette Porte Monnaie NM, the Koloa ( black MC)