Wanted: Your 2cents Please

  1. Hello everyone!

    Short & sweet, I'm currently saving up for my very first Louis Vuitton. Although many styles have caught my eye, I think I have narrowed it down to a few to choose from:

    mono speedy (25/30) - b/c it's a speedy & it's so classic. I'd :heart: to build my own patina with it!
    epi lilac speedy - b/c it's epi leather & lilac color is unique, delicate & feminine. I've heard it's easy/easier to care for, durable, low-maintenance & no patina to worry about ever.
    epi lilac jasmin- b/c of the lilac color & it appears to be a very feminine & sophisticated style of bag (something different than a regular speedy)
    epi vanilla jasmin - b/c vanilla is such a warm neutral

    Can you please vote & provide your opinions about your choice(s)?
    I'd love to hear your comments!
    By the way, feel free to suggest other colors and/or types of handbags too!
    I'm always up for suggestions.

    P.S. If your choice is the lilac/vanilla jasmin, would you know where to find them (and how much it retails for now)?

    Thanks so much :heart: :flowers:

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  2. I would go the the mono speedy. Years from now that will still be in style, ala Audrey Hepburn 40 years ago in the movies carrying the speedy. While the colors you love now will change. Also the colors will date the bag.
  3. Let's move this to the main forum so you can pick up some more responses :yes:

    I'd go for the speedy, the speedy is a Louis Vuitton collection staple !
  4. Thank you, ayla! :heart::smile: But which speedy?
  5. I'd get one of the Jasmins. I have one in old red and it's one of my favorite bags!!!! It's very easy to care for, easy to get in/out of, VERY feminine, and it's so beautiful!

    There's one girl working in my building that has a black Epi Jasmin. She makes that bag look amazing!!! Every time I see her carry this bag, I just can't stop staring!
  6. Whoops, my brain skipped for a moment. The monogram speedy ! :love:
  7. You have two different Lilac bags down, I would suggest going for one of those since you seem to be drawn to the color. I agree that it is a stunning color that will be timeless.
  8. for Speedy I like Mono 25 or Damier Ebene 30 :smile:
  9. I'd also vote for the monogram Speedy. Try the different sizes on in the store so you can determine which size works best for you.

    My Speedy 25 is 19 years old. Yes, not a typo -- it's 19. I just had all the leather replaced and it looks brand new. These bags can last forever!
  10. Mono Speedy, you will never get sick of this timeless piece.
  11. speedy all the way!
  12. Mono Speedy, a real classic!
  13. Thanks for posting everyone! Keep your comments coming...

  14. Monogram speedy!! Best first bag eva!
  15. Mono speedy...such a gorgeous, timeless bag!!