WANTED: White Sassy Bag!

  1. OK, white handbags are big this summer. Need help with my choice, could you please show off your own white summer bags. Thanks. :smile:

    Please, please post pictures.
  2. I have no pics because frankly, I don't trust myself with white right now. But I just wanted to say imho-the sassiest white bag out right now is the patent ergo!
  3. Sure thing! Here is my White Ali:smile:
    Ebay Pics 281.jpg Ebay Pics 283.jpg
  4. totally agree! white for summer, patent stays cleaner than reg leather, what's not to love!
  5. I would love a white bag, they looks so clean and perfect for summer. I just could not get myself to buy one, as I would be so scared to take it out. I would just worry about every little thing, so not to get it dirty in any way.
  6. I'm probably not the best judge, since I just bought my very first white bag. But it is great for me! White Legacy Hippie bag:
  7. I LOVE the white ergo tote. Unfortunately I cannot do white. (not with my 2 kids!!)
  8. At the moment, I do not own a white handbag but I do have last year's large straw(Soho?) hobo with the white shoulder strap. I saw them in the outlet last friday. IF I was going to purchase a white bag today I would probably get a white Ali. I love that bag in white. I would also agree with sweetmelissa and say that white patent is probably easier to clean.
  9. i would personally not buy the patent ergo. white patent gets too dingy.

    legacy slim tote:

    legacy hippie:

  10. :yes:Yep....and if its in the sunlight too long it gets a yellowish tinge to it.:Push:
  11. I just won this bag from ebay....I think it's cute for summer. Sorry it's not an actual pic, I stole one from the drilldown since i'm still at work. :smile:
  12. I've been looking for a white bag as well, and I'm thinking about a white ergo tote or the white pebbled leather shoulder tote.
  13. exactly. and, heck, it's summer- it's gonna be in the sunlight.
  14. i have been dying for a white bag but think i will go to tjmaxx or something and get something there that i won't have to be super careful with.. I know me and I know I will ruin the bag :smile:
    But who knows.. if I do good with a cheaper bag, I will be buying that white hippie. I :heart: it.
  15. I am trying to decide on a white and/or summre bag as well. I always buy black, so trying to get white or green or green with white maybe! LOL I saw some cute ones on ebay apple green and white Soho's but haven't had a chance to see if they are authentic yet!