WANTED: White first

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  1. Have you seen a COOL white first (at a reasonable price)?
    All the firsts on the web in these past months had a cost similar to Bal/Milan (up to just 100€ less than in shop...:hrmm:), or they were really dirty. I know it's not easy to keep a white bag clean, but if it was mine, I'd give her all my love!!!:P

    Well, has anyone seen a white first in gooooooood conditions? On the web, I mean...
    Thanks for your time!!!
  2. I can't find on NM web site...how much does it cost?
  3. You have to call them..it is $995. They have a promo going on right now until Sat. You have to purchase 2 bags and get $400 OFF.
  4. It's the same price as aloha rag, do you know if even NM accepts only Amex or other cards?
  5. most of them only accept NM store card or AMEX. there are a few that accept visa. i know for sure NM Las Vegas takes Visa. but i'm not sure which other stores do too.
  6. Thanks!