Wanted Whiskey, got Brown... Thinking about keeping it anyway

  1. Not that long ago (thanks to some great advice from my fellow tpf-ers) I got a Black leather Ali. I LOVE HER! I loved her so much, in fact, that I wanted another one. I decided to get one in Whiskey and found a great deal on eBay. It was new and it looked perfect in the pictures. Long story short, I got my new Ali in the mail only to discover that it is not actually Whiskey...it's Brown. The bag pictured and the one I got are different. The one pictured looked Whiskey and had a tag attached that said it was Whiskey. The one I got looks Brown and has a tag attached that says it's Brown. I contacted the seller who has offered a full refund. However, I'm thinking about just keeping the Brown. It is a great, hard-to-find color and it IS a great color for the Ali. I really like the Whiskey color, but I figure I can always get other bags in Whiskey. So, I'm thinking about just keeping the Brown Ali. Any thoughts? :s:shrugs::confused1:
  2. yeah i would keep her. ali's are pretty hard to come by eps. at a great price. i think there are some left over in jax but only in a few colors.
    whiskey and brown aren't very different...the whiskey deepens w/ age soooo....congrats! i vote to keep!
  3. I had the ali in brown once and yes, I think you should keep it! It's a hard to find color and is really pretty! I wish the slim flap came in brown. If it did, I'd have one! If you really want whiskey, I'd get it in another bag or you can always get another ali later!
  4. I would definitely keep it. Brown was a department store exclusive and all the leather ali's are sold out from jax.
  5. I have the Whiskey Gigi and I love the color. If the brown is growing on you, it's definitely a keeper!
  6. How EXCITING! :yahoo: I love brown Ali and she is hard to find KEEEEEP IT. You can always find a whiskey!;) Oh, yes, you must post join us in the ALI SUPPORT GROUP THREAD!
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  7. The Ali is a fantastic bag, and the brown is such a gorgeous color that will go with everything. If you like it, keep it!
  8. I love the brown!!! I wanted the one that my Dilliards had but they sold it quick when they put it out at 25% off and I missed it.

    Keep it! They are hard to find and a very pretty color!
  9. If you :heart: her, keep her!!!
  10. I don't know what the difference between the brown and whiskey Ali is since I haven't seen them side by side... but the brown is awesome and beautiful!
  11. Definitely keep the brown. I think you'll wind up regretting it if you don't.
  12. It's beautiful regardless. You can always get one in Whiskey later if you want to.
  13. You can't pass up a great deal, but where the h:censor: is the whiskey from the picture?????????
  14. That's what I asked the Seller. I thought perhaps she had just mailed me the wrong one b/c the colors are relatively similar. But, she said that the one I got is the only one she has...
  15. I would keep it. The brown is such a pretty color.