WANTED Tokidoki L'Amore

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  1. Does anyone know of any online retailers which still sells bags in the L'Amore print? I am in the UK so would need one shipped to me. I would prefer not to buy from Ebay. If you could recommend a style that would be great. I like the small Ciao but not sure if it was made in this print. I need a bag to be at least 8" wides as my purse is quite large (my husband says it like a brick!). I prefer the messanger style bags as they are easier to carry when dealing with my two year old. I use my foresta Stellina in this way.

    Thanks so much for your help,


  2. We aren't allowed to do buying and selling transactions on this forum, even over PM... I don't want you to get in trouble :sweatdrop: I don't think that there are -any- online retailers that still have lamore in stock, so your best bet is either ebay or shoptokidoki on livejournal... Good luck finding a lamore bag!
  3. JapanLA might have L'Amore bags left? :shrugs: www.japanla.com It's worth a shot.
  4. I hope this isn't an illegal post...

    But I did see a L'amore Stellina at De Catarina, they don't have an online site but you can call them and place an order. I know some other tPF members have purchased from there. The only thing is, I don't quite remember what it looked like and since the store is in Toronto, Canada. The retail prices are higher than the states and Ontario's sales tax is 14% so it might come up a bit pricey. You can always call them and ask questions, there were a few other styles, maybe one or two but I can't remember what they were.
    Their number is (416)966-0562 if you wanted to try.
  5. Hi, Thank you Snapcat for making me aware of selling/buying via pm. Don't want to get into trouble as I love reading this forum.

    I have seen a bag I like on Ebay and have put an offer in. I checked out Tokidiki Blog which gave a list of good/bad sellers. Keep my fingers crossed that my offer gets accepted.

    Thanks to everyone who replied with your tips on where to buy. Nikki
  6. :yes:

    And here are the complete set of rules and guidelines - http://forum.purseblog.com/news-and-announcements/announcement-the-purse-forum-rules-and-guidelines.html
  7. there's also the tokiholics community that doesn't have the membership restrictions and links to other places/stores (a small list of stores can be found there along w/ contact info) that carry toki ;)
  8. wish I could find it too..
  9. i just saw a l'amore Cucciolo at Macy's in Walnut Creek, CA.