Wanted to verify if this bag is legit

  1. Hi!

    As you all know bluefly is having a f&f sale now and I nearly got this YSL bag from here. But I went searching and couldn't find anywhere else that sold it except on bluefly. http://m.bluefly.com/Yves-Saint-Laurent-orange-calfskin-Muse-Two-flap-messenger-bag/p/318813601/detail.fly

    Can anyone let me know if I missed out on a deal or not.

    I've hear mixed reviews about he site. That's why I thought twice wrote buying and the hubby thinks I shouldn't jump at it if I'm unsure
  2. Looks like a Muse 2 messenger.

    Bluefly generally sells legit merchandise, though there were issues with Balenciaga and Gucci last year.

    Better luck next time.
  3. Thanks!

    The thing is I have came across loads of muse bags but never a messenger and the only site that pops up with reference is bluefly itself. So it got me puzzled >.<
  4. Nordstrom has this bag in brown last season. The bag is a legit style.
  5. Thanks!!