Wanted to share some more cuties....

  1. Ladies, just wanted to share some other new bags I saw today on Neiman Marcus website...tell me what you think. I'm not a big fan of prada nymore but this one seems fun and I definitely dig anything python, so the Chloe Python is absolutely gorgeous to me. I totally need a sugar daddy cause future hubby cannot support my addiction:smile:
    prada.jpg Chloepython.jpg
  2. Those are cute :smile: You could always win the lotto like some other people were saying, or get a really good job lol.
  3. OHLALA....The Chloe python is 2DIE4! :love:
  4. School teachers get paid diddly squat & I won't be changing careers...I'll need to start buying lotto tickets:smile: hehehhehehhe
  5. Chloe Python = YUMMY! :smile:
  6. Good luck with the lotto then! :smile:
  7. Hey, Lieu! Are you a school teacher? I'm an English teacher, at the moment I'm teaching in a high school! Don't worry about teachers' bad wages, here in Italy it's just the same :sad:
  8. [​IMG]

    Ohhhhhhhhh :smile: ........i like
  9. :smile: I :love: the dark brown purse ii is awesome!!!
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