Wanted to share my fav bracelets with you...

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  1. The first two are solid platinum slip-on bangles I got from Blue Nile. I love that they are understated but not at the same time. I would love to get more but they are $850 each...ouch! And the second bracelet is a charm bracelet my DH got for me on mother's day one year, and has bought me charms for it since. Now I'm all charmed out, no more space. All the charms are diamond encrusted and a few of them open to reveal a surprise. The piggie bank opens to reveal a gold coin and the rocking horse opens to reveal a gold teddy bear. The locket also opens so you can put a pic in it. Anyhow, just wanted to share. :yes:
    bracelets 001 450x337.jpg bracelets 002 450x337.jpg bracelets 003 450x337.jpg bracelets 004 450x337.jpg
  2. beautiful, i love the charm bracelet!
  3. The bangles are stunning and the charm bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Thanks girls. I wish you could see the charm bracelet in person...it's a lot prettier than in the pics. It's over 4 cwt in diamonds. It's really not even my taste, but I love it so much. The bangles are totally my style. :yes:
  5. Great bracelets. I love all of them. The bangles are great, and your charms are adorable. what is the furthest one? It looks like a dragonfly?
  6. Thank you. :yes: The last one is a piggy bank and on the opposite side is a locket and the rocking horse. There's those, then lock and key, hearts, cross, a dog house and dog, and a star.
    bracelet 004 400x299.jpg bracelet 005 400x299.jpg bracelet 006 300x400.jpg
  7. I love the bangles. I have been dying to get some Ippolita bangles, but they are so darn expensive and I want an armful!
  8. wonderful bangles..love the charm bracelet :biggrin:
  9. Ippolita bangals in yellow gold, an armful of them, are SO hot! I love that look!
  10. WOW!!!

    Plz tell me where I can purchase the Charms!!! I collect pigs and the one you mentioned is sooo wonderful!!!
  11. i loove the charms. Pretty!!! thanks for sharing...:drool:
  12. So pretty! That locket is amazing. What brand is this?
  13. Those are great! I love those bangles! They ARE understated and elegant!

    ..and that charm bracelet! YOWZA! It's gorgy and I love it!

    Thanks tons for posting those! I'm totally inspired to encourage my DH to get me a charm bracelet started (hey, it'll make shopping for me even easier!)
  14. Thank you. :yes: DH got the bracelet and charms from shopnbc. He tells me that one day he was flipping through the TV and saw the beautiful diamond lock charm and called to order it. The lady who helped him said they had a whole collection of charms. So began the "add a charm" every occassion deal. I was pretty amazed he got something so lovely off shopnbc, but apparently they have pretty high-end stuff. I even went on to buy a couple of nice pieces, including a clutch with a diamond clasp. Anyhow, I don't believe they have the charms anymore (not sure). :sad: But the designer is Samuel Behnam and his website is behnamjewelry.com, so you could check with them.
  15. The designer is Samuel Behnam, and it was his "Simply Charming" line. About 3 years ago, they had a whole lot of different cool charms on shopnbc, but not anymore. Check his website I referenced above though. :yes: