Wanted to share: MC Speedy RTW 2003 Looks Different!

  1. Hi all

    I was browsing through old LV RTW pics on Style.com and came across the MC Speedy. However, it looked a bit different!:
    The 4 LV's on the pocket and overall "misalignment" threw me off! I had to do a double take hehe :Push:. It looks like the canvas used from the Eye Love/Miss/Need You lines (sorry if I'm inaccurate, I'm not an expert on those). Regardless, it's an interesting photo I thought I'd share. I wonder if that style ever made it to the stores or if it was only for Runway.

    P.S. Maybe I'm a sucker for alignment but I sure like the "traditional" MC alignment better :P

    :heart: Mich
  2. It never made it to production, it was part of the Eye line.
  3. Also, a lot of the runway bags are prototypes, the designers change the design a lot before production and sadly some don't make it, when I wish they would of. Well, not this particular bag but others.
  4. Ah, I learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info!
  5. This has been posted a few time already along with some other runway prototypes (MC Le Fab, etc.). It's too bad a lot of runway bags don't make it into production - some look really nice.:heart:
  6. I wish this had made it into production!!! Sadly...someone is selling one on ebay like this...a nice fake one LOL
  7. Interesting :P
  8. I so wish this bag was produced, I would have purchased one in a second.
  9. what a great bag from the EYE line .... i love the pic!!
  10. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they make the cut, I often wonder what the deciding factors are especially as some that don't make it are gorgeous
  11. :yes:

    TFS ichelle.
  12. I wonder the same too. Such a shame:crybaby:. Guess it's a good thing. Otherwise DH's wallet would blow up!:roflmfao:
  13. ITA!
  14. :lol: that made me crack up.
  15. le fab in MC??? that would be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!