Wanted to share....I just got my Paddington in Nuage *pics*

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  1. Hi!

    I know a few of you were interested to see pics of Nuage.............well take a look at this beauty! She arrived today all the way from the Chloe Boutique in Spain and I am chuffed to bits with her :love:

    The pics were taken in good daylight so show the colour perfectly. In bright sunlight the bag looks paler of course :yes: A gorgeous pale taupe I would describe it as :heart:

    The leather is wonderfully soft and wrinkled and the contrast chocolate stitching and silver hardware just sets the Nuage colour off a treat!

    What do you think?


  2. Balchlfen, you always have the BEST bags :girlsigh: i love the color...
  3. OMG, absolutely gorgeous, I think this is close to being the perfect paddy, congratulations on an amazing addition to your (already TDF) collection.
  4. Congratulations! I've seen this bag in person and the color is amazing.
  5. LOVE IT!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!

    I have to look away now so I don't starting wanting one too!!
  6. Ahhh thanks everyone :flowers:

    I'll do another pic tomorrow in full sunlight so you can see how the colour changes :yes:
  7. :tup: CONGRATS~ It looks so nice!!!
  8. I loooove this color! I saw it recently at NM and I had difficulty putting it down and walking away...
  9. oh *gulp* i just bought the bag from sabine's boutique, and was feeling a bit stressed by how much i've been spending... but balchfen, your photo just convinced me it was the best buy ever!! thanks for posting!!
  10. congrats! it is beautiful :smile:
  11. *WOW* It's TDF!!!! One of the best paddy's I've seen. Congratulations!
  12. LOVE IT!!!!! Congrats! It's gorgeous, I love the color!!!!
  13. It's beautiful! And 'nuage' is such a lovely name too... Congrats :heart:
  14. It's really lovely, I'm so jealous
  15. Gorgeous. I have the galet which looks close, have you seen galet, how do you think it compares.