Wanted to share, here's my latest LV ----->

  1. :heart: My "new to me" Hudson GM :heart:

    Please excuse my messy office :shrugs:
    Img0031blake.JPG Img0029blake.JPG
  2. FABULOUS bag!!! Looks GREAT on you!!!:love:
  3. very nice!! btw, how tall are you?
  4. Love it, congrats!!!
  5. Short - 5.2"
  6. Congrats! Beautiful bag!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations!
    It looks great, enjoy!
  8. Congrats !

    And hey, you're taller than me ! :yes:
  9. Thank you. You are always so sweet :yes:
  10. Awesome- enjoy!!!
  11. Lovely bag!:flowers: I had one on my wishlist to look at when I visited LV but they didn't have any. Love that it's a shoulder bag and looks very functional.
  12. nice one!!! looks great on u!
  13. Beautiful
  14. I love the bag and the hardware!
  15. AWESOME AWESOME! It's perfect on you!