Wanted: the perfect Mulberry cross body - is this it?!

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  1. As my title suggests I am on the hunt for the perfect cross body, I am new to the joys of Mulberry, so please be kind... is this the Daria Satchel or is it the Mini Daria Satchel?

    As far as styling is concerned it appears to be just what I am looking for, but believe if I could get one even smaller (eg the mini Daria satchel) it would be just perfect for me!

    However, being a Mulberry novice I could easily get the sizing wrong, hence my request for your valued assistance... I want my cross body to be neat and cute - it only has to carry my essentials - make up bag (sooo essential) small purse, mobile and sunglasses.

    Last question, is the mini Daria satchel discontinued?

    Thank you in advance :heart:

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  2. The mini Daria satchel is no longer available. The one in the pic is the satchel which you can still get.
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    This is the medium normal sized daria satchel as i have owned one prev its ob larger than the mini and you can fit quite a bit in it. Things may be hard to find inside as i have had some people say. I didnt have a problem i had in oxblood but sold to make way for something else. I now have a black postmans lock shoulder bag which had kind of replaced my daria and is less blingy for me. If you want to carry only the essentials then i think the mini will be perfect for you.;) I see its not available anymore. Shame. You could try ebay and have it authenticated on here b4 u purchase. Or the outlets as BECCA has suggested in case they have some left if any.
  4. Is the mini daria satchel not going to make an appearance at the outlets? I thought they may be due any time soon but I'm now wondering if they were a sell out. Would have liked one of the mini ones.
  5. Thank you dear ladies for taking the time to answer my plea.

    I have found a couple of mini's and will certainly obtain authentication before taking the plunge... one last question (again) J.A.N. mentioned she replaced her Daria with a postmans lock bag as it was less blingy. Again, forgive my ignorance but is the Daria too blingy for most Mulberry devotees tastes? As I mentioned I am a Mulberry virgin and don't want to make an expensive mistake.

    Please advise :heart:
  6. I think it depends on your personal preference as some people find that the metal plaque is too much. I personally love the Daria and it was my first mulberry purchase which I got in Toffee. What about the Alexa? Pretty much an iconic bag and they do a mini version as well and there's also the Taylor. Best of luck with whatever you decide and I have a feeling that it'll be the start of a growing collection :smile:
  7. I have the same bag as in the pic and I use it as my everyday bag for work. I don't find it too blingy and I love that you can wear it in different ways.
  8. Thank you for your reply.
    Is the disc hard work to protect, does it scratch easily? It looks like a mirror finish - perfect for applying lipstick?!

  9. No it isn't a mirror finish and it can scratch quite easily. I have a couple which you can only see up close. You could always leave the protective film on it when you get it.
  10. I used my Daria today and loved it. I use a VIP bag liner in mine. I have some slight scratches on mine but you hardly notice them.
  11. Wow - mini Alexa :loveeyes: mini Taylor :loveeyes:

    I foolishly thought I only had a choice of the mini Daria or the Antony (Antony being a little too big for me). Just how am I supposed to sleep now? :biggrin:

    Goodness, they are all so yummy - just know I'm going to need help with this decision!

    I feel another plea for guidance coming on :heart:
  12. Sorry lol, I didn't mean to set you off down a dangerous path. That's the thing with with Mulberry - there's sooo many gorgeous bags to choose from. Sounds like you need to have a major trying on session in store and see which one calls out to you the most :biggrin:
  13. lol, I had no idea :biggrin: I have just made another plea for guidance as I know how terrible I am at making decisions... I thought it was going to be easy, I need a stiff drink to calm my nerves :P