WANTED: Secret Label!

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I know i'm a little bit behind, but i'm desperately searching for a black patent secret label with shw.

    I found one on ebay, had it authenticated and someone bought it out while i was waiting for the seller to get back to me with shipping costs. :crybaby:

    anyways.. if you see one, pls let me know!

  2. I believe they went on sale in the US stores last season so it may be hard to find one from the stores now.
  3. Completely sold out...
  4. The problem is that the bag was on sale for around $1000 and the EBay sellers are asking between $1400-1900. I hate that!!!!
  5. Im looking for one too I called chanel stores and everything but its completely sold out..

    I believe some people got it for 70% off from neiman marcus
  6. omg. i think my heart just broke a bit.

    thanks anyways guys... there's one on ebay right now for $1999... which i believe is more than what it retailed for in the US, right?

    i'm so upset i lost that auction while waiting for fricken shipping prices!!! (Sorry small vent... ugh!)

    hopefully i'll stumble on a couple and i'll let you know julybaby :biggrin:

  7. Retail price is $1995, so if it's wo/ tax, then you may want to consider it as a last resort. Keep looking at eBay cuz there's always one showing up eventually.

    Have you consider an alternative patent black flap aside from the secret label?
  8. burberryprncess - here's the thing. i'm in canada so it will actually cost around (roughly) $2400+... not including shipping or customs.

    I would totally consider another patent flap... if the price is right ;)

    I really do envy those who can spend $3k+ on a bag. I have to keep it under $2k or the hubbie gets a lil sour.
  9. deleted
  10. I think I just saw this bag on ebay. Black patent flap secret label. You may want to check
  11. There are 2 in United States still.... one in ny chanel.. and one at saks...
    both are regular price
  12. OK... i can't breath! :sweatdrop:

    I BOUGHT IT! wooooo!

    Thank you to all the ladies who helped me out. you guys are sooo awesome! :heart::heart::heart:

    I have to say i'm totally impressed with how eager and willing to help everyone is in the tpf community.

    I hope i can pass it on one day. :biggrin:

    i'll post pics when it gets here!
  13. CONGRATS!!! I was PM-ing you like crazy this morning!! LOL My husband was wondering why I was freaking out so bad....:lol: We all need to find one for xxxjulybabyxxx next!!!!!
  14. Congrats itchebon:yahoo:

    How much did you get it for? I'm actually looking for one myself;)