WANTED: Photos of the RED/GER. XL SATCHEL. Does any one have this?

  1. I am wanting to see photos of the Red/Ger. XL satchel because I am thinking about ordering this. I seen it on the Coach web but am wanting to view better more detailed photos of the color and details.
    If you own one PLEASE post photos, Thanks :flowers:
  2. Sorry can't help you out w/the pics, but i have seen it IRL... it is seriously GORGEOUS.. if you have seen the pics of my XL in khaki/white and you love that, you will truly love the red... sorry i couldn't be of more help! But the red is more of a bright red...

  3. Thank You Sweetie, I did see yours and LOVE it but am needing/wanting some thing Red. Is the Red... Red or more Orange Red? I hope its not orange Red:sweatdrop:
  4. Sorry I can't help you either, I love this bag too! I don't remember if anyone has posted anything on it yet. I would love to see it up close. Good luck!
  5. hey again nutz... its more of a red definitely not an orange red... see the color of this heart----> :heart: its pretty close to that color, its definitely bright, the pics on coach.com do come really close to conveying how the color really looks IRL... i swear you wouldn't be disappointed... :tup:
  6. I know...I'd love to see this, too, to see what the red looks like. Of course, I have to say that the white sure is pretty, too!

  7. OH GOOD, OH GOSH!!! I just called my local Coach and they have 1 yes 1 in the Red, it is 1.5 away from me but I am thinking of getting ready and heading that way so I can hold and see it IRL. GEEZZZZZZZZ I know if I go then I am going to be out $$$ that I dont need to be right now :sweatdrop:
    When I ask my SA how was the Heritage line going she said... selling out fast :wtf: I am wondering if I will be safe if I wait for a couple of weeks :confused1: This is tough... maybe I should just go ahead and head that way :shrugs:
  8. LOL... nutz your funny! i know how it feels though, i was on the verge of not getting my XL satchel, but when the SA said they were selling out fast, that gave me more of a reason to get it, i didn't want to love the bag, and then not be able to purchase it anywhere down the road (which i'm sure maybe they will make more?), when i got the khaki/white satchel, the SA told me there was less than 100 available, and it just came out! I would recommend getting it if you really LOVE IT!! It put a damper in my pocket, but I had to have it for spring...
  9. ONLY a 100 :s GEE that is not many at all. I think I will call Coach real fast and see what they say about the RED one. Let me ask you a few things...
    Is the bag heavy with your stuff in it?
    Does the bag keep its shape if not filled or does it collapse on top?
    Sorry just some concerns of mine
  10. In case COACH sells out of it in the next week of so, Macys and Nordstrom's have it available on-line as well. I think this bag is gorgeous, but unfortunately, I didn't think it looked as fab on me as it did on the shelf! :sad:

    I tried the geranium one on at Nordies and it definitely kept its shape empty. They stuff it to the max with paper, but when you take the paper out and put a wallet, planner, and a bottle of water in it, there's still so much room to spare. Plus, it's not slouchy and doesn't sag like an LV speedy.
  11. nutz... if you place your items in your bag, there is no collapsing or sagging of the purse, it keeps its shape. it does have two compartments... i was thinking one side will be for my wallet and important stuff, while the other side will be used for my ipod, makeup, etc... the bag isn't heavy unless you put a lot of crap in your bag! which i won't do, but i'm still going to use up most of the space! LOL, it keeps its shape even when the bag is empty (if you refer to my pictures, that is the bag WITHOUT anything in it!!, it still looks like its full, its so perfect! :drool:
  12. I love the two compartments and the buckles! I'm bummed that it doesn't look all that great on me. :crybaby:I would have bought it in an instant if it did!


  13. Are you beening a trouble maker?:graucho: OH BOY... Here I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :drool:
    Thanks Sweetie and I :heart: your bag and it looks GREAT on you by the way!
  14. haha... sorry nutz, trying not to be a trouble maker, although i like to know that i can be! lol... well i hope you LOVE it and that when you actually see it IRL you will know that I wasn't lying to you!! Thanks again hun for the compliments, I hope to see pics on here w/your new XL bag soon!! :tup:
  15. i'm waiting nutz... where you at? haha... i'm impatient... where's that XL at? haha :nuts: