Wanted: photo of brandnew vachetta AFTER applying protection lotion

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  1. Hello!

    I apologize if there is a thread dealing with thsi question. I could not find it so opened this thrread.

    I plan on getting an Alma Mono and like to put leather protection straight after the buy on it. Only I fear that it will change the vachetta "enormously."

    Does anyone own a Mono bag which has been conditoned straight after getting home?
    And did you take a picture after the conditioning?

    I would love to see this picture! :love:

    about me:
    I do love the pure vachetta without anything put on it.
    But I know the handles and the bottom will get dirty too soon. f.e. I recently babywhiped the seams of my Neverfull (Vachetta), let it dry and conditioned afterwards - doe to the drying of the leather from the babywipes (w/o alcohol, not too wet!) the concitioner left stains on the vachetta :sad:
    I don't want this to happen to my to be Alma!

    btw: it was fun at the boutique, when I only knew to ask for a "mono", not "Monigramme". hehe. forum-language brainwashed me :smile:
  2. I used a spray which will protect bag against water stain. After spray, the vachetta turns orange but after it dried, the colour is pale vachetta again.
  3. What kind of spray? Cos i'm looking for some protection for my damier azur..i dislike da strap turn patina :sad:
  4. I know some uses Apple guard/conditioner, there are more about this in the faq here. :smile:
  5. apple guard, shining monkey, coxy... but all these will not prevent the vachetta from turning petina. They merely prevent watermark.
  6. dear ladies, please, this should not become a discussion about patina and non-patina, it is about a picture showing how the vachatta looks after applying a protection spray.
    I am just fearing this thread might be closed by the admins as soon as it turns into a "patina-discussion"! :huh:

    @ chinchin_lim: didn't you freak out when it turned orange?

    @ all: maybe someone from Germany of Austria or Swiss is lurking here, too?
    since apple guard and similar brands aren't available in Austria I would love to hear from you, who protected the Vachetta (and maybe even took some pictures?)

    thank you!
    lovely_bag with hands that make handles turn just dirty, not "patinated"
  7. You're welcome! I hope you find it! Good luck!