WANTED: Opinions on who makes the best DISTRESSED LEATHER BAGS!

  1. I love bags that have distressed leather. I'm pretty new to this site and since coming on I've learned of Anna Corinna (already have 2 of her bags) and tonight learned about Blur. What else is out there that you can recommend? Thanks for your input!
  2. Jimmy Choo's "biker leather" Ramonas and Rikis.
  3. Thank you. Could you tell me if they are light-weight or heavy?
  4. The distressed leather on a distressed Hayden-Harnett bag is just knock-out good looking! I've seen distressed leather on bags that are a lot more costly, but the HH leather is just different somehow.
  5. Any recommendations on a particular HH bag? Thanks.
  6. BValenciaga motorcycle bags have really nice distressed goat skin leather and they're super light. You should have a look into the Balenciaga subforum.
  7. You might wish to ask owners of Jas MB bags about the leather ontheir bags.
  8. i think for mid-range prices, Moni Moni has the nicest looking distressed leather. but that's just me. many on TPF have found the craftmanship on their bags to be inconsistent, but i accept that since the bags weren't meant to be perfect. i personally love my Splendor so no complaints there.

  9. I think Balenciaga is great too!
  10. IMO, balenciaga
  11. Personally if im going for distressed leather id choose Balenciaga.
  12. When Marc Jacobs does distressed or washed leather his bags are simply heavenly. I have the Frankie bag (distressed calfskin leather) from 2003 and a Scarlet bag (washed leather hobo) and they are two of my favorites. I wish he did more of them!
  13. there's actually a Rasberry Frankie on eBay right now. the last time I saw a frankie bag on eBay, it went for a relatively low price - I got a second one (which my daughter highjacked from me!) for around $100!
  14. Thanks for the info...I'll keep my eye on it.