Wanted MJ Venteia

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  1. All I see are fakes on ebay and I have been looking for a black mj venteia, if anyone can lead me in the right path that would be great.
  2. finestdesigners.com

    their marcs are real. thats where i just got mine! it was a steal!
  3. Nordstrom's had them on sale for the anniversary sale. Call one of the designer locations and have them do a search for you.
  4. Just saw one last night at Nordy's in La Jolla. I don't have a regular SA there--but they're all nice. Call and ask for the Venetia that's on their "sale" table for Anniversary. It's on sale for $700-something... And it's black!

    Their number is 858.457.4575. Call NOW I saw it last night right before they closed. Hopefully it's still there!
  5. Nordies Towson Town Center had one as of a few days ago. Ask for Kara and tell her Erika sent you.

  6. I'm sorry to say that their stuffs are fake.
  7. Ditto. Definitely fake. Stay far away.
  8. I wanted to third that opinion about finestdesigners.com - I would really advise you to stay away from them.
  9. I think the brick red venetia is fake, I had been looking at it and noticed below the front belt loop it is missing the brass studs.
  10. Oh, sorry....JoeyJimmy, thanks for catching that. =)
    Please ignore this bag. =)
  11. You're right. Good eye. Here's a little more info. on the Venetia that I thought would be helpful:

    VENETIA – The Venetia is a larger "doctor" shaped handbag with a slightly rounded top, considered by many to be the most sophisticated style of the Classic Collection. It measures approx 16” across, 12” high and 4” deep. There are two front pockets with silver padlocks, a full zip top closure which overhangs approx. halfway down each end of the bag, a wrap over strap (or belt) which has the illusion of wrapping itself all the way around the bag that hooks in front with a large silver buckle & slips through a belt loop, an inner zipper wall pocket, a "pouch" pocket which snaps closed with an open wall pocket directly behind the pouch pocket, double rolled leather carrying handles which connect to the bag with large silver O-rings, and five silver feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it from dirt and damage (one in each corner with one in the center). The silver Marc Jacobs nameplate should be attached to the flap of the inner "pouch" pocket and again, the top zipper & inner zipper should be riri zippers.

    Fake Venetia bags are very hard to spot. But again, the differences are more obvious when you compare a fake bag to an authentic one. The wrap over strap on the fake bags may be slightly longer (or shorter) than it should be. The end of the strap should be even with the top edge of the front pockets and it should have a rounded, pointy end. The end of the strap should also slip through the belt loop, but on some of the fake bags I have seen, the belt loop is missing and the end of the strap is tucked into the decorative piece attached to the front of the bag. There should be a triangular piece of leather with top-stitching on each end of the bag at the ends of the zipper and a piece of leather (that looks like a brace) with two silver studs directly underneath the end of the strap on the front of the bag, with an identical piece of leather with studs on the backside of the bag. The carrying handles on the fake Venetias tend to be a little longer than the actual handles should be. The Venetia bag is more of a HAND bag, and the carrying handles are almost too short to hang on your shoulder. Sometimes fake Venetia bags do not have the inner "pouch" pocket, or if they do, they don't have the open wall pocket directly behind the pouch pocket. Fake Venetia bags may also place the silver nameplate on the inner zipper wall pocket instead of on the flap of the pouch pocket. Also, fake Venetia bags may only have four silver feet on the bottom of the bag when there should be five.