Wanted: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag!

  1. Any style, really... anything that is practical and relatively large (enough to hold a folder/magazine, etc.)

    But in particular, a Turnlock Teri or Turnlock Tina?

    Can someone PLEASE let me know if there is one selling (or if you are in possession of one and want to sell it??) and is willing to ship to Canada? Please post or PM me :smile:

    Thank you SO MUCH in advance!
  2. so you don't want a new one??
  3. At a certain point, I am bound to completely breakdown and just spurlge on one (or two)! But until then, I want to see if I can save a couple bucks... hehe :smile:

    Any help would be great, thanks!
  4. i am looking for a marc jacobs totally turnlock bowler bag in green or blue i will pay full price and i am in California USA thanks
  5. i thought you weren't allowed to ask for items unless it was the marketplace? I wanna ask for something lol, is it against the rules?
  6. Hmmm...I'm not totally sure but it seems to be ok to say that you're looking for something in particular and to ask that people look out for it. They can't buy it for you but can let you know where they saw it (and perhaps put it on hold for you).
  7. Hi everyone,

    If this is against the rules, feel free to delete the thread! I didn't know :shrugs: ... I just joined a couple of days ago!