Wanted: LV Shopping Buddy

  1. I live in the Bay Area, specifically Marin County and would love to find a shopping buddy who loves purses as much as I do. I am not so much a social butterfly but rather have a few really close girlfriends. Unfortunately, my girl friends think I am crazy to spend $4,300 on a handbag (LV leopard Stephen) so its not really fun to shop for high end designer bags with them as I am worried what they are thinking as I make my purchase. Don't get me wrong I love my girlfriend and have been BFF since high school, but I could really use a LV/designer shopping buddy. Anyone interested write me back and I can tell you more about myself and happily e-mail you pics of my growing LV collection, presently I am at 23 purses:yahoo:
  2. Ahhh...if I lived in the area I would love to shop with you! If you're ever in Hawaii let us Hawaii girls know!
  3. Hi Fellow Bay Area-ite hehe.
    Novato is a bit far from the city though, right? (I'm from SF)...
    And I've just started my LV collection so I'm nowhere near 23 purses :shame:
  4. If you ever want to go shopping at Valley Fair, let me know. I live closer to SF but shop in the South Bay.
  5. I am actually from Hawaii. I was born on Maui and moved to Cal when I was 14. Most of my family still lives on Maui and Oahu.
  6. I'd love to be a shopping buddy but I live in LA...if you're ever down in So Cal let me know! I'm a newbie to LV but am getting hooked! Would love to find So Cal ladies to learn more about LV and also to find others who love LV as much as I do!
  7. I'm going to be home in S.F. before Mother's Day weekend.
  8. Well, that's a strange coincidence! Again, if you're ever down here PM me and we can shop shop shop!
  9. nope, but if you are even in Florida, drop me a line!