WANTED: Louis Vuitton Stephen

  1. HI, if you know XXXXXXXXXX of an LV store that still has the following bags, please let me know as I want to buy ASAP.

    1. Monogram Canvas Stephen
    2. Monogram Embossed Stephen

    Thank you guys,
  2. You can always call 866 or around the stores to see if they can locate one for you, I'm sure that would be much faster than waiting for a response here!
  3. Are they all sold out? I beleive there were a few in Texas (dallas and houston) a few weeks ago.
  4. I know there was a mono Stephen in Banff, Alberta. But you probably looking for somewhere in US.
  5. Sometimes they show up on eluxury, too. I posted a link about a week ago to one..about once a week or so one will show up.
  6. Both stores in Portland, OR had them a week ago.
  7. too bad we can't purchase from LV's French web site :crybaby:, but i got mine from Elux not that long ago, definitely call 866 regulary to check the stock. good luck!
  8. I definitely see the mono stephen x 3 in each of my 2 stores in Melbourne.