WANTED: Last seen in.......

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  1. I thought this maybe useful for people looking things if people are looking for something post it in here or if you have seen something hard to come by in your store post it too.

    Hopefully we'll get some LV matches made & if it's a popular thread maybe it can be a sticky.
  2. Last Seen in LV Manchester UK Black Lambskin Riveting bag 18th March
  3. Gosh! I believe this thread will be popular here :woohoo:
    I saw a woman carried Mink Le Fabu yesterday and that bag pretty amazing :love: I never saw it on eBay, anyone?
  4. ... and her friend walked beside her carry Trompe L'Oeil but dunno the name, may L'Ingenieux coz the shape is identically with Suhali Doctor Bag but that's from Trompe L'Oeil.
  5. Wanted: Dentelle Kirsten in gold or silver!!!!! ;) Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PM me please if you see one.
  6. Saw two Silver Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal on display at the SF store this past sunday.
  7. ohhh!! what a great thread!! this will be dangerous
    last sunday LV Toronto Bloor street
    - 1 Dentelle Speedy
    - 1 Dentelle BH
    - Mirror Speedy (45 im guessing? not sure it was huge)
    - Mirror pochette
  8. I think it's Miroir Speedy 30. It's larger than normal Speedy30 :smile:
  9. They have a Mirror Speedy??????:wtf:
    I thought it was all gone for a long time........that's really surprising.
  10. ITA! Thought it released for Christmas only
  11. I called toronto and it is a keepall that they have
  12. 00dimsum00 Or Ethan's Mommy Do you remember what colour the keepall & Pochette are?
  13. Keepall is silver, pouchette is gold. :nuts:

    I remember they also have lots of the newer epi styles (except for the speedy..im waitlisted on that)
  14. anyone in Canada willing to let me send them $$$$$ to buy the pochette for moi???? I am beyond serious!! I tried to buy it but they won't ship to MN:crybaby:
  15. I like this thread... I'm still looking for something really small.